Funky Fun House Project

It’s not only food construction projects that GPL Construction are asked to get involved with. We’ve recently finished a project at the Funky Fun House in King’s Lynn Norfolk. The project was to install Mineral Wool wall and ceiling panels to form fire rated partition walls between the Lazar Quest area and the main play area. Once we had installed our panels an outer boarding was installed and florescent painted applied to help create a fun environment for the children. GPL also formed various offices and stair wells with the panelling.


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Our aim is to help bring your ideas to reality

Happy Client has sent GPL Construction (UK) Ltd a letter.

”Your professionalism, accuracy and sheer hard work contributed to the project being delivered.”


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Apple Store Expansion

GPL Construction has been helping an apple grower to store its produce.

Due to expansion, the apple producer needed to store more fruit on site, and so GPL Construction designed and built a suite of three controlled-atmosphere stores using composite panels.

Not only does this mean that the produce can be stored for longer, it also means that the producer does not have to outsource the actual storage to a third-party.

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Composite Panels Ideal for Plenum Walls

Retaining freshness and quality is of paramount importance in the storage of fresh produce with consistent temperatures throughout the crop and minimising weight loss key considerations. Low velocity air flow and high humidity systems have, for a long time, been reliant on timber or structural plenum walls. More recently composite panels have been used in preference to timber as they offer a number of key advantages:

Speed of installation.


Structural stability.

Moisture resistant.

Easily washable.


Offers good insulation values where required.

Aesthetically pleasing.

Coupled with ancillary items such as protection barriers, baffles and door systems composite panels have allowed crop stores to meet the exacting needs for clean and efficient storage of produce demanded by today’s market.

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This is my first Blog for GPL Construction UK Ltd. My aim with these Blogs is to pass on information that will be helpful to our existing customers and that of our potential clients too; I’ll tell you about new construction materials and techniques that are being used. Inform you of new regulations in the construction industry, which may have an effect on your project and your planning of it. I will be adding quotes from clients who have used us and have been kind enough to comment on our work. And finally news items that may include some of the work we are doing. Talking about how we are carrying out our work may help you to decide how you are going to approach your project.

I hope you find my future Blogs helpful and interesting!

Claire Clift

Company Secretary



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